Entry and exit terminals

When entering and exiting a parking, fast processing and simple operation are of the utmost importance. Our elegant parking terminals made of brushed stainless steel guide the eye to the essentials and ensure reliable ticket processing.


Parking terminals for ticket media

The intuitive user guidance is supported by instructions on the color display and status-dependent LED color illumination of the button and ticket slot. The ticket slot with integrated motorized reader is used to issue and read barcode tickets as well as RFID cards (e.g. for plastic season tickets). By pressing a button on the optionally integrated VOIP intercom system, the driver can contact the service center. The columns can be individually adapted to the desired vehicle height with base extensions.


Parking terminal for fixed price payments

The cost-effective parking terminal with coin selector and cashless card terminal is ideally suited for restricted parking applications with a simple fixed price. The payment is made at the parking terminal either before entering or exiting the car park. In contrast to the EMS-4000 parking system, coin deposits and overpayments cannot be refunded. There is also no parking time dependent tariffing or parking space management available.

The flat rate parking fee is shown on the display. After complete payment an output impulse is activated.