In addition to an attractive location, the available equipment is an important factor for campers. In view of limited resources and rising energy costs, Beckmann GmbH offers modular payment systems that enable economical site operation, fair billing and reliable operation.

Camping towers for supply and disposal

Campers need a reliable supply of electricity and water as well as the oppertunity for disposals. The elegant EMS-ENERGY, EMS-WATER and EMS-CLEAN towers can be paid with coins and cashless. A telemetry module transmits coin and card sales to the cloud for remote readout. All housings are made of robust stainless steel which makes the towers resistant to weather influences and vandalism.

Digital payment solution for sites w/o barriers

As an alternative to the classic ticketprint at the pay station EMS-800, the payment of the overnight fee can be made online using the customer's smartphone: Here, the customer enters his license plate number and selects the number of overnight stays. The payment is made online using Google Pay, Apple Pay, iDEAL or credit card.  The energy and water towers can also be paid purely digitally: The customer scans the QR code on the tower, selects the free socket and amount of energy, and activates the tower with the payment. The operator can check the occupancy status remotely at any time and check it on site if necessary.

QR-Ticketing System for RV sites with barriers

The solution is based on our entry and exit terminals in combination with barriers. If free sites are available, a QR-ticket is printed at the entrance terminal. This cashless ticket authorizes access to the sanitary building by presenting it at the wall terminal. By scanning the ticket, the energy and water towers can be activated, too. The guest decides spontaneously how long he wants to stay - a prior determination or fixed day selection is not required. On departure, the exit barrier only opens if all costs have been paid at the EMS-4000 pay station or in lane at the exit. The site occupancy can be viewed and corrected remotely at any time or automatically transmitted via interface.

PHOENIX CLOUD – The service platform for partners and operators

Phoenix Cloud is the central platform for configuration, evaluation, interaction and remote maintenance of Beckmann payment systems. Users benefit from intuitive dashboards where they can easily view the current status and interact with their system at any time, regardless of the device.

  • System overview and notifications
  • Secure data storage and backup, hosted in Germanyn
  • Responsive design for device-independent usage