Equipment for camping and caravan sites

In addition to an attractive location, the available equipment is an important factor for campers. In view of limited resources and rising energy costs, Beckmann GmbH offers modular payment systems that enable economical site operation, fair billing and reliable operation.


Holistic payment solution for RV sites

The solution is based on the robust EMS-4000 pay station, which controls the barriers in combination with our entry and exit terminals. If there are still free sites available, an RFID paper ticket is issued at the entrance terminal. This cashless ticket authorizes access to the sanitary building or cash room by presenting it at the contactless wall terminal. After loading sufficient credit at the pay station, the site can be left temporarily: The exit barrier only opens if all accured costs are covered by the corresponding credit balance.

Camping towers for supply and disposal

Campers need a reliable supply of electricity and water as well as the oppertunity for disposals. The elegant EMS-ENERGY, EMS-WATER and EMS-CLEAN towers can be paid with coins and cashless. All housings are made of robust stainless steel which makes the towers resistant to weather influences and vandalism.

Coin machines and access terminals

In addition to the central pay stations, we also offer convenient coin & card machines for time or impulse-controlled operation. In addition to coin-operated machines for single devices, the EMS-1080 controls up to 8 devices for releasing showers, washing machines or dryers. The use of cashless RFID customer cards increases user comfort and reduces operator effort: No emptying of coins, minimized risk of break-in and maximum availability of the contactless reader technology under harsh conditions.