Features Access

Phoenix Cloud is the central platform for configuration, evaluation, interaction and remote maintenance of Beckmann payment systems. The cloud connectivity of the proven hardware is extremely simple: no cell computers, VPN structures or separate software need to be installed on-site. Users benefit from intuitive dashboards where they can easily view the current status and interact with their system at any time, regardless of the device.



Season tickets, annual passes and prepaid cards can also be easily imported into your own smartphone wallet using the cloud-based access system. The QR code on the access ticket is scanned with the customer's own smartphone and imported. The customer can then conveniently access the digital ticket in their Google or Apple Wallet.

  • Fast - The customer finds the digital ticket in their existing wallet (Google Pay or Apple Pay) without having to install an extra app.
  • Comfortable - No more annoying paper tickets to carry around! The eTicket is always with you on your smartphone and can no longer be forgotten.
  • Hygienic - The display with QR code is simply held in front of the QR scanner, without touching it!

Intuitive Dashboard

The tidy dashboard shows all important information off the current system status at a glance. The key figures for availability, sales and payment behavior as well as utilization are visualized here. In addition, the site counters can be corrected manually.

Evaluations,  analyzes & statistics

In addition to the sales data, turnover and cash inventory, the usage data provides information where further optimization potential can be raised. If e.g. the parking space utilization is low in the evening or at night, parking spaces can be rented to long-term parkers during this period.

Smartphone for discounting & interaction


The cloud platform is responsive displayed so that the functions appear like in a native APP. The smartphone camera is used to scan the barcode tickets in order to display the current costs and to grant discounts. System interactions such as opening barriers and counter corrections are also possible on site.

Visualization of the tariff settings

Complex tariffs can be configured in the best possible way: We visualize the result for a simple control in a dynamic and appealing way. The current timer settings in the calendar, the active tariffs and the tariff structure can be elaborated the same way.