Pay stations for swimming pools, POIs & sanitary facilities

The access control systems from Beckmann GmbH simplify your guest management: Visitors can quickly use the self service systems effectively and intuitively. The pay stations are equipped with state-of-the art payment methods. Evaluations support you in optimizing the utilization and economic operation of your facility.



The EMS-4000 pay station controls the turnstiles in combination with the ticket readers. The visitor selects the desired tariff at the pay station - after complete payment, the barcode tickets are printed or RFID season cards are issued. These media are scanned at the readers and authorize access to the swimming pool. The exit is only released when all costs are paid. At the additional pay station, timeouts or sauna usage can be repaid. Multiple use or misuse of tickets is not possible due to an anti-passback mechanism.

Direct access with reimbursement by voucher

Especially for leisure facilities and rest areas, the smooth running of sanitary facilities is extremely important. Our offer starts with inexpensive single coin machines and goes up to pay stations with voucher printing:

After payment at the EMS-700 or EMS-800 a voucher is printed and the turnstile is released directly. The voucher can then be redeemed in the store or restaurant.

Sale of tickets and receipts for manual control

Our automatic pay stations can also be used to sell tickets and receipts for manual control, e.g. for

  • Leisure, zoos & animal parks
  • Monuments & observation platforms
  • Climbing, Ski & Ice Skating Halls
  • Transport tickets & visitor's tax
  • Hairdressing salons & canteens