Features Parking

Phoenix Cloud is the central platform for configuration, evaluation, interaction and remote maintenance of Beckmann payment systems. The cloud connectivity of the proven hardware is extremely simple: no cell computers, VPN structures or separate software need to be installed on-site. Users benefit from intuitive dashboards where they can easily view the current status and interact with their system at any time, regardless of the device.



With the cloud-based parking system, parking tickets can be paid easily via smartphone. By scanning the QR code with the own smartphone, the customer can pay the parking fees conveniently via Google Pay, Apple Pay, iDEAL or credit card.

  • Comfortable  - There is no need to go to pay stations! No queue, no change! Hygienic payment with your own smartphone!

  • Simple - There is no need to install an extra app, create a customer account or load some credit in advance!
  • Fast - The customer can use his existing wallet (Google Pay or Apple Pay) or a PayPal account for a quick authorization without having to enter epic credit card details.

Visualization of the tariff settings

Complex tariffs can be configured in the best possible way: We visualize the result for a simple control in a dynamic and appealing way. The current timer settings in the calendar, the active tariffs and the tariff structure can be elaborated the same way.

Barrier opening and counter correction

The cloud platform is displayed on the smartphone in a device-optimized way so that the functions appear as in a native app. There is no need to download or install an app. This means that system interactions such as barrier openings and meter corrections are possible from anywhere and at any time.

Evaluations, analyzes & statistics

In addition to the sales data, turnover and cash inventory, the usage data provides information where further optimization potential can be raised. If e.g. the parking space utilization is low in the evening or at night, parking spaces can be rented to long-term parkers during this period.

Discounting & conversion to hotel ticket

A separate discounting front end is available for discounts and ticket conversions. The operator defines for each user which time or amount discounts may be granted and how often per ticket. For hotel guests, the day ticket can also be converted into a multi-day ticket, allowing customers to travel in and out several times. 

In addition to scanning QR tickets, license plates can be entered, too. The discounting front end is displayed in a device-optimized way so that discounts can be applied using existing computers, tablets or smartphones. As an alternative to the device's own camera, a USB neck reader can be used to conveniently scan the barcode tickets.