All the hardware of a parking system, which in addition to the barriers also includes pay stations, ticket columns and license plate recognition cameras, can be easily connected to the cloud platform via LAN interface. Four typical application scenarios are shown below.

Fixed price for daily parking

The fixed price payment is made either before entering or exiting the site. The barrier opens directly after the fixed price is paid with coins or cashless with NFC credit cards and smartphones.

Cashless payment at the exit or online

Parking spaces in mixed operation are shared by residents, patients as well as hotel and supermarket customers. By using the online discounting, individual customer loyalty concepts can be realized cost-effectively. If the free parking time has been exceeded or a discount is missing, the remaining costs can be paid by the customer:

At the exit, smartphone wallets and NFC cards can simply be held in front of the payment terminal. A PIN can be entered easily on the touchscreen and the digital receipt can be retrieved via QR code. 

By scanning the QR code with the own smartphone, the customer can pay the parking fees alternatively via Google Pay, Apple Pay, iDEAL or credit card.

Pay station for extensive payments

By combining the pay station EMS-4000 with entrance and exit terminals, an extensive self-service parking system for paid parkings can be realized. At the pay station, the time dependant parking costs can be easily paid with coins, banknotes, credit cards or smartphone wallets. The integrated thermal printer provides receipts and cash reports on request.
The parking tickets can also be paid via smartphone using the Phoenix Cloud. The QR code on the parking ticket is scanned by using a smartphone camera. Customers can then pay the parking fees via Google Pay, Apple Pay, iDEAL or credit card online.

If LPR cameras are integrated, operators, employees and technical staff can enter and exit at any time with their registered license plate numbers. Day parkers also benefit with their plate: After paying all costs at the pay station, an accelerated speed exit is possible without having to enter a QR ticket at the exit.

Ticketless parking with LPR

This digital parking solution gets rid of paper tickets and customer cards: When entering, the licence plate number is  captured by LPR cameras. While listed long-term parkers can drive through directly, the entry time of daily parkers are stored in combintion with the related plate. In addition to the parking time calculation, discounts and ticket conversions can also be assigned in this way.

Payments can be made directly at the exit or by entering the licence plate number at the pay station. The setting of parking tariffs, timers and the administration of licence plates for authorised long-term parkers is carried out centrally via the Phoenix Cloud.

    Onstreet - Parkings without barriers

    For parkings onstreet, parking tickets with printed validity periods are used. The customer pays the ticket at the pay station EMS-700, EMS-800 or EMS-4000 and places it behind the windshield.

    PHOENIX CLOUD – The service platform for partners and operators

    Phoenix Cloud is the central platform for configuration, evaluation, interaction and remote maintenance of Beckmann payment systems. Users benefit from intuitive dashboards where they can easily view the current status and interact with their system at any time, regardless of the device.

    • System overview and notifications
    • Secure data storage and backup, hosted in Germanyn
    • Responsive design for device-independent usage