Offstreet - Cloudbased parking system for sites with barriers

Depending on the application, products from our modular system can be selected and combined in such a way that a tailor-made customer solution is created in terms of functionality and costs. Five typical application scenarios are shown below.


Fixed price for daily parking

The fixed price payment is made either before entering or exiting the site. The barrier opens directly after the fixed price is paid with coins or cashless with NFC bank cards, credit cards and smartphones.


Parking spaces in mixed operation are shared by residents, patients as well as hotel and supermarket customers. By using the discount app, individual payment concepts can be realized cost-effectively. If the free parking time has been exceeded or a discount is missing, the remaining costs can be paid by the customer without using a pay station:

By scanning the QR code with the own smartphone, the customer can pay the parking fees conveniently via PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, iDEAL or credit card.

  • Comfortable  - There is no need to go to payment machine! No queue, no change! Hygienic payment with your own smartphone!

  • Simple - There is no need to install an extra app, create a customer account or load some credit in advance!
  • Fast - The customer can use his existing wallet (Google Pay or Apple Pay) or a PayPal account for a quick authorization without having to enter epic credit card details.


The EMS-4000 pay station in combination with the entrance and exit terminals represent a comprehensive self-service system for paid parking spaces. The pay station accepts coins, banknotes, EC and credit cards. The integrated thermal printer provides receipts and cash register reports on request.

By scanning the QR code with the own smartphone, the customer can pay the parking fees alternatively via PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, iDEAL or credit card.


By integrating LPR cameras, the license plate of the vehicle is recognized upon entry and exit. In addition to the fast and convenient barrier opening for registered long-term parkers, daytime parkers also benefit: After paying the parking fee, the exit barrier opens automatically and the paid barcode ticket no longer needs to be entered into the ticket reader.


E-charging stations can be user-friendly integrated into the Beckmann parking system: The barcode ticket is simply scanned at the wall terminal of the e-charging station. The charging station is then released and the charging process starts by plugging in the charging plug. The combined payment process (parking time + power consumption) takes place as usual at the EMS-4000 pay station after returning to the parking lot.

Onstreet - Parkings without barriers

For parkings onstreet, parking tickets with printed validity periods are used. The customer pays the ticket at the pay station EMS-700, EMS-800 or EMS-4000 and places it behind the windshield.