Textile laundry

Our payment solutions enable time-, impulse- or program-controlled self-service operation of washing machines and dryers. In addition to simple, intuitive operability, resistance to vandalism and the availability of versatile payment options are the main focus of our designed products.

Coins and tokens

For the classic coin payment of a single device, the coin machines of the EMS-57 and EMS-82 series are used, which cover a wide range of coin validators, housing designs and functions. The multi-device controls of the EMS-1080 series allow the control of up to 8 devices. An optional door opening impulse is available at the end of the program time. In addition, the pay station EMS-800 can be used to sell tokens or to enable a coin change of inserted banknotes.

Preloaded RFID-Tickets

The use of pre-loaded RFID tickets reduces the effort for operators and customers to a minimum: The operator issues pre-loaded and customer-specific pre-printed one-time tickets to the user on a prepayment principle. The credit balance, e.g. a Euro value or a defined number of uses, is stored in encrypted form on the ticket. This eliminates the need for expensive Internet or server connections, and there are no ongoing transaction fees for payment processing. With each use of the device, credit is booked from the ticket at the self-sufficient RFID reader. If the ticket credit is exhausted, the paper ticket can simply be disposed of. It is not necessary to return the ticket and refund the deposit at a pay station. 

NFC-Creditcards & Smartphones

Our EMS-1080 series is used for the control of up to eight devices (washing machines and/or dryers). By integration of a compact card terminal cashless payments with bank- and credit cards up to an amount of 25€ can be made without PIN. For payment processing, an Internet connection or mobile radio reception are required on site so that the transaction can be carried out via the terminal provider.

Central pay station EMS-4000

The pay station EMS-4000 is used as a central payment and control unit. Due to the direct connection of the washing machines and dryers, they can be selected, paid and released centrally on the touch screen. Thus, a maximum of 320 terminals can be controlled with only one pay station. This eliminates the need for any additional card media and terminal units on the terminals. With the matching accessories (e.g. a dispenser for dispensing powder and liquid detergents or an external screen display for visualizing the current device occupancy and remaining running time), the EMS-4000 pay station is ideally suited for self-service laundrettes.

Scalable solutions with flexible media

From simple coin machines and multi-device controls with coin operation, to contactless customer cards for cashless payment at RFID terminals, to centralized pay stations for direct control of washing machines - our modular product system offers every operator a tailor-made solution in terms of costs, functionality and given infrastructure. With the optional self-service sale of detergents as powder, liquid or tabs, all requirements of a self-sufficient salon operation can be covered.