Our innovative payment solutions enable time-, impulse- or program-controlled operations of a clean park to minimize rising operating costs and electricity and water consumption. Our modular pay stations can process all common payments, e.g. with coins, banknotes, bank- and customer cards as well as smartphone payments. Depending on customer requirements, they can either issue tokens, load customer cards, print barcode tickets or start the respective terminals directly.

Sales of tokens & coins

The EMS-800 Rearload pay station is used for token vending and money changing. The robust pay station is installed in the wall, so that the service access takes place from the rear side, e.g. the technical room. The desired amount of tokens can be paid with coins, banknotes, bank- / creditcards & smartphones. The dispensed tokens are used to start high-pressure cleaners & vacuum cleaner stations.

Card operation without tokens

At the central EMS-4000 Rearload pay station, customer cards can be sold and loaded. The loaded RFID value cards are used for cashless starting of high-pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, mat beaters and water dispensers. There is also the possibility to sell barcode tickets for later use at the portal car wash.

Classic coin and card machines

In addition to the central pay stations, we also offer convenient coin & card machines for time or impulse-controlled operation. In addition to coin-operated machines for single devices, the EMS-1080 controls up to 8 devices or porgrams.