Pay stations

Our pay stations convince with their slim and high-quality design as well as minimized operating and maintenance costs. In addition to our experience of over 30 years of self-service payment processing, we offer you a scalable pay station portfolio based on a reliable technology platform.


In addition to the acceptance of 5 to 50 € banknotes, 0.10 to 2 € coins and tokens can be processed. Up to three coin hoppers can be integrated to dispense coins, which enables a long service interval until refilling. In addition, contactless payments with bank cards or smartphones up to € 50 can be processed. After paying, turnstiles can be unlocked directly, vouchers and parking tickets can be printed and tokens issued. Various special functions can be activated via the integrated RFID up-front reader: e.g. printing of cash reports or access to system settings.

The EMS-800 is also available for wall installation in the rear load housing, with service access and door opening from the rear.



This robust pay station sets accents with its simple, elegant design and maximum range of functions: payments with coins, banknotes, credit cards and smartphone wallets can be accepted. Due to the built-in pinpad and the magnetic stripe-, chip- and NFC readers, cashless payments can be processed securely without any amount restrictions. For coin processing, the EMS-4000 uses a combination of tube changer and coin hopper (both self-filling) to optimise change supply. The integrated thermal printer can generate QR-tickets and receipts. In addition, it is possible to issue credit based value ticks to realise customer loyalty and discounts.

The EMS-4000 is also available for wall installation in the rear load housing, with service access and door opening from the rear.



This attractive terminal meets the ever-increasing customer demand for an easy, interactive checkout and cashless payment. The ergonomic design maximises ease of use and supports consistent, intuitive user interaction. In addition to the payment process, the large 32‘‘ display can be used for tariff and product information, operating visualisations or attractive advertising overlays. 

Focus on the essentials: User interactions are possible with the large screen with multi-touch technology in combination with the universal QR-reader. After selecting the desired products, the shopping cart can be conveniently paid with credit cards or smartphone wallets. The QR- ticket is then issued and a receipt printed on request.

Cash desk

Our cash desk for the Phoenix Cloud impresses with its slim and elegant design as well as its powerful performance thanks to 8th generation Intel processors. Thanks to the fanless architecture, the staff cash register is completely noiseless and can therefore also be easily integrated into quiet environments. Like our other Phoenix clients, the staff cash register is managed entirely via the Phoenix Cloud platform. The cash register is used wherever staff-operated cash/card sales are involved.