Card and coin machines

There are numerous areas of application for simple device controls with coin or card payment: They are used to control vacuum cleaner and high-pressure cleaner stations, washing machines, dryers, showers, turnstiles, WC doors and solariums.

EMS-1040 & EMS-1080

The payment machines of the EMS-1080 series can be used for coin and card payments of up to 8 terminals or programs. The robust stainless steel housing of the operating unit provides a timeless design and at the same time offers protection against weather influences and vandalism. The multi-colored status LEDs above the buttons indicate free end devices to the customer, who can choose between them individually. The large display shows the respective minimum price. After payment, the corresponding device is released based on time, impulse or program. This is done via the switching relays of the separate power box, which is installed remotely in the technical room or sub-distribution.

The control unit is available as a wall or column housing made of brushed stainless steel or as an OEM integration kit for installation in your own housings/behind your own panels.


The EMS-1010 is used for paid activation of a turnstile or door or for use of a terminal device. Payment is made by presenting contactless creditcards, smartphones or by inserting coins. The robust construction of the housing made of stainless steel ensures a timeless design and offers protection against outdoor weather conditions and vandalism. The compact system can be flexibly adapted to the respective area of application by means of extensive setting options.

EMS-57, EMS-81 & EMS-82

With this series of machines any services can be activated by coin insertion, either time-based or impulse-based. The bright, 3-digit display informs about the minimum insertion, coins paid and the remaining time. While the EMS-57 is the cost-effective entry-level model for simple applications, the EMS-82 shows its strengths with an electronic coin acceptor, integrated counters and extensive setting options. Optional available are door openers for washing machines, stainless steel housing, safety extra-low voltage and IP splash protection.