Parking system for new Hotel Boat & CO

BOAT & CO, a brand new waterfront aparthotel in Amsterdam's Houthaven, has been equipped with a very hospitable access and parking system. Our Dutch partner, ST & D Apeldoorn, was able to bring in their own ideas and thus contribute to the construction of a robust and particularly progressive overall system.

Guests of BOAT & CO get access to their own spacious underground car park via a fast folding door. At the entry terminal (made of stainless steel), guests receive a barcode ticket with which the garage can be entered safely.

This ticket is validated at the BOAT & CO reception desk or replaced by a hotel key card. This hotel key card system is also fully integrated into the parking system, so that hotel guests can easily enter and exit the underground garage during their stay. 

Won't the guest stay overnight? No problem: The cashless EMS-4000 automatic pay station offers the possibility to pay quickly and then leave the garage in comfort. This is simple, modern parking for guests!