Additional components

Ticket discounter

With this autonomous ticket discounter, flexible parking price compensation concepts can be realized. The existing barcode ticket is fed into the front of the feeder and then automatically retracted. After the additional discount barcode has been printed, the ticket is issued again at the front. The ergonomic design and a dimmable LED input arrow allow intuitive operation.

In addition to the discount information, the printed barcode contains the unique device ID to enable subsequent allocation of the discounts granted and thus fair cost allocation.

Datasheet (PDF)


Instead of an EMS-4000 pay station, this cost-effective server box can be used when extensive payment options are not required, e.g. for customer parkings. At the exit terminal the resulting parking time is calculated. When all costs are covered, the barrier opens automatically. 

In addition to the dynamic parking price calculation, this parking system allows the use of RFID special cards for for residents and staff.

Datasheet (PDF)

Detergent dispenser

After selecting and paying the desired amount of washing powder or softener at the EMS-4000 pay station, the respective button on the dispenser is activated - by pressing the green illuminated button, the dispensing of washing powder or softener starts. After the timer-controlled dispensing is completed, the green illuminated LED arrow requests the removal of the filled container.

Sensors monitoring the liquid canister and powder silo ensure that the respective detergent can only be selected if the filling level is sufficient. The large powder silo and the dispensing chute can be easily pulled out of the machine for cleaning and refilling.

Datasheet (PDF)