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Solutions for sanitary facilities | Beckmann GmbH


Sanitary facilities

From single cash machines to refund by voucher systems

Particularly in leisure facilities and motorway service stations, the smooth flow of access and payment solutions in the washroom area are enormously important. Our range in this area starts with single cash machines for each cubicle and goes all the way to complex refund systems with turnstile and corresponding voucher, for example.

Possible areas of application are:

  • restaurant operations
  • petrol stations
  • railway stations
  • camping sites
  • shopping centres
  • public toilets
  • tourist attractions with a high rate of public access
Advantages EMS-700 | Beckmann GmbH

Barrier-free solutions

For people with physical disabilities we can provide access and use of the washroom area by means of a special key, thus ensuring minimum effort. For some time now, many public toilets for people with disabilities have been fitted with a uniform locking system to ensure that these toilets can be used by all people with disabilities (and only by them). The required access "master key" (Eurokey) fits highway toilets, toilets in many German cities, in Austria, Switzerland and already in some other European countries.