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Loesungen Parken


Parking - Modular parking system for sites with barriers

Depending on the customer application, our modular products can be individually combined. This product platform concept enables a tailored customer solution concerning costs and functionality. Four typical customer applications are shown below.


1) Simple parking space - barrier opening after direct payment of fixed price

The payment is made either before entering or leaving the parking space, then the barrier opens. The integrated electronic coin validator accepts various coins and tokens. The price can be programmed and changed by the site owner directly at the terminal.


2) Exclusive customer parkings - free parking space for customers

This slim parking solution provides exclusive parking space for customers. Customers have free exit, after the barcode ticket was validated at the reception or at the checkout counter.


3) Paid parking space in mixed operation - direct payment at exit terminal

Parking spaces in mixed operation are shared by residents, patients as well as hotel and supermarket customers. By using the ticket-validators, individual discount levels can be realized for one site. At the exit, the timedependent costs are calculated and an eventual discount is considered. If the free parking time was exceeded or a validation is missing, the resulting costs can be directly paid with coins or a credit card at the exit.


4) Paid parking space in mixed operation - payment at cash system

By combining the cash system EMS-4000 with entrance and exit terminals, an extensive self-service parking system for paid parking spaces can be realized. At the EMS-4000, the time dependant parking costs can be easily paid with coins, banknotes or credit cards. Overpayments and return money can be paid out with coins. The integrated thermal printer provides receipts and cash reports on request.

In addition to the inexpensive barcode paper ticket, RFID plastic cards are used for special functions - operators, employees and technical staff can enter and leave the site with RFID plastic cards for free.


Parking space without barriers 

On an parking space without barriers, tickets with printed validity can placed behind the windshields. The tickets can be sold with EMS-700EMS-800 and EMS-4000.