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Leisure time and culture

Wherever large numbers of people require easy access without long waiting times, flexible payment and accounting systems are a must. Modern automated payment and access control systems by Beckmann GmbH facilitate the management of your guests. Visitors do not have long waiting periods and can intuitively use the access systems efficiently and quickly. As an operator you are able to keep track of the turnover statistics and customer behaviour in a relaxed manner.

Our tried and tested reliable solutions require less maintenance and cashier staff numbers can be reduced. Payment and access systems by Beckmann GmbH can be used in many ways in leisure and cultural facilities such as museums, wildlife parks/zoos or ice skating rinks, as well as for the payment of resort tax and for ticket vending machines, etc.
  • museums
  • wildlife parks/zoos
  • resort tax
  • ice skating rinks
  • ticket vending machines, etc.