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Car washes and cleanparks

Paid water and power supply by using smart management technologies  

In order to visibly minimize the rising operating costs due to electricity and water consumption, an efficient payment and control solution for operators of appropriate facilities is required. Thanks to innovative and robust control technologies, the self-serviced cash systems from Beckmann enable a time-, consumption- or program-controlled operation of electrical devices. The robust construction in combination with RFID-technology leads to a high resistance to vandalism, water and frost in harsh cleaning applications. 


Typical cleaning-applications are: 


  • Car wash (control of automated car wash system)
  • Self-service cleanparks (choosing different programms or devices, e.g. high-pressure cleaner)
  • Vacuum cleaners (choosing different devices)
  • Self-service laundrys (control of washing machines and dryers) 

Scalable solutions with flexible media

From simple coin machines and multi-device controls, via contactless value-cards for cashless payment at RFID-terminals up to central cash systems for the direct control of washing machines, high-pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners and washing machines - our product platform portfolio offers a fitting solution to every operator regarding costs, functionality and the given infrastructure. 

Central cash system 

Beckmann cash systems accept payments with coins, tokens, banknotes, credit cards and customer value-cards. Depending on customer requirements, tokens can be dispensed, value-cards can be issued or devices can be started directly. In scenario 1, the cash systems EMS-800EMS-800 Rearload (through the wall installation) or EMS-4000 can be used for the sale of tokens and exchange.


In scenario 2, RFID-value cards can be bought, loaded and dispensed with the cash system EMS-4000. By presenting the value-cards in front of the RFID-terminals, local devices (e.g. vacuum cleaner, high-pressure cleaner) can be started cashless.

In scenario 3, the payment is centralized at cash system EMS-4000. By connecting the devices (e.g. vacuum cleaner,high-pressure cleaner) directly via relay boxes, the start can be activated centrally by the EMS-4000 cash system. This eliminates any additional payment media and local payment technology at the devices.


Multi-device control for serveral programs/devices 

The system family EMS-1080 is developed for the central control of up to eight devices (e.g. vacuum cleaner, high-pressure cleaner) or eight programs (car wash, high-pressure cleaner with program change). The payment can be transacted either with coins or credit cards or loaded RFID-customer-cards. The use of stainless steel, a robust construction and the use of high quality components lead to a long product life, less service expenditure and very good weather resistance.


Coin machines and RFID-terminals for single devices 

Our extensive card and coin machine product family provides flexible solutions for individual machines (e.g. for a single high-pressure cleaner or vacuum cleaner). You can choose between different housing and display types. By the way, by using RFID-value cards, discounts and promotions can be realized to strengthen customer loyalty. These cards can be used on the RFID wall terminal for cashless payment and the device start. A cash-free operation reduces the risk of theft as well as it reduces staff costs due to elimination of coinemptying at devices.