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Solutions for camping and motorhomes | Beckmann GmbH


Camping and motorhomes

In addition to an attractive location, the comfort and equipment are crucial for the choice of RV- and campsites. With limited resources and rising energy costs, the Beckmann GmbH offers modular payment systems to enable an economical site operation, a fair accounting and convenient operation.  


Customized solutions

In order to realize integral solutions, the Beckmann GmbH has added parking systems and camping towers to the existing cash system portfolio. Depending on the application, these modular products can be combined and linked to meet the individual customer needs at its best - concerning functionality and costs. Based on this concept, a range from simple coin-machines up to the autonomous parking-system with linked components and RFID-tickets can be covered.


Robust function and intuitive operation

Since the products are mainly used in self-service mode, a simple, intuitive operation and the reliable function are in focus. This is guaranteed by using high quality components and materials as well as an internal R&D and production in Hövelhof - Quality "Made in Germany".


Camping towers for RV- and campsites 

Travelers need a reliable power and water supply as well as the possibility for disposal. For this purpose the modern camping towers EMS ENERGY, EMS-WATER and EMS-CLEAN are available, which can be paid either with coins or cashless by RFID-cards. All towers are made of stainless steel. The material provides a very good resistance concerning weather and vandalism. In addition to the compact dimensions, uniform appearance and operating concept, a dimmable LED illumination for night operation is available on request. 


Comfortable parking system for autonomous RV parks

This integral parking solution meets all requirements of a self-service RV site with barriers. Based on the robust cash system EMS-4000, existing barriers can be controlled in combination with the entrance- and exit-parking terminals. If free sites are available, an intelligent RFID-ticket is issued at the entrance terminal. This cashless RFID-ticket authorizes the access to sanitary facilities or cash room by applying the ticket to the RFID-door terminal. After charging the ticket with sufficient credit at the EMS-4000, the site can be left temporary: The exit barrier opens only, if all previously accrued costs are covered by corresponding assets. 


Coin machines and access terminals

Our universal coin machines and device controls can be used in sanitary and washing areas, where hot water and time are sold, e.g. for showers, washing machines, hairdryer etc. We also offer solutions for the paid access to toilet facilities. Over and above that, RFID-cards in combination with our RFID-terminal can be used for frequenters to strengthen customer loyalty. Also, discounts and prefinancing can be realized.