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PC software EMS-DATA

EMS-ENTRY-COM is database software that gathers data from Beckmanns cash systems and makes them available as an SQL database. The retrieved data are analysed, reviewed and subsequently transformed into a relational database. Retrievals can be made manually or can be time-controlled on specific days and at specific times. Simple reports and lists can be produced directly by means of EMS-DATA or more complex analyses by means of SQL and/or ODBC by means of Microsoft Excel/Access or similar software packages.



Automatic time-controlled retrieval of the turnover data

Import of all retrieved data in SQL database

Several branches can be administered with a single software

Date storing and restoration function

Daily and periodic invoicing and accounting

Expansion of the reports by means of scripts (hourly statistics, refund histories, etc.)

Export of the data into OpenOffice (Excel)

Status survey of all connected automated payment systems in the main window

Active error messages are indicated in plain text (e.g. "blocked coins")

Automatic e-mailing in case of error messages and faults