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Parking terminal ticket dispenser

Fast handling and easy operation are the key requirements when entering or leaving a parking space. Our elegant stainless steel parking towers support the idea of an intuitive guidance by focusing on the essentials: color graphic display, illuminated push button and a single ticket slot for all tickets. The driver is guided by on-screen instructions and multicoloured LEDs on the button and around the ticket slot. In the case of questions, the driver can contact a service center by pushing the integrated intercom button. The integrated hybrid motor reader is used both for in- and output of cost-effective barcode tickets. RFID-cards (e.g. for robust season or special tickets) can be processed, too.



If a car is parked over the loop sensor of the connected barrier, the driver can trigger two options to open the barrier: Either to request a paper barcode ticket by pressing the illuminated button or to insert a Beckmann RFID card for special functions (e.g. local resident entry).


Technical data

Robust and weather resistant stainless steel housing

Elegant design

Large backlit colour display for customer information

Large illuminated request button

Intuitive operation and fast ticket processing

One ticket slot for in- and output of tickets

Hybrid motor reader for barcode and RFID tickets

Encapsulated electronics

LED illumination for night operation

Communication via RJ45 ethernet connection

Optional integrated intercom unit

Optional traffic light control

Optional height adjustment by additional pillar to 1700mm  

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1100 x 260 x 275 mm