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Parking terminal for coin payment

This inexpensive parking terminal with coin payment is ideal for simple parkings which have only one fixed price. The payment is made at the terminal either before entering or leaving the parking site. After the complete tarif is paid, the barrier opens and the car can pass through. An integrated electronic coin validator accepts different coins and tokens, the fixed price can be set locally at the terminal. In contrast to the EMS-4000 parking system, overpayments can not be processed/ money can not be returned. Also, a time-dependent calculation of the parking fee and a site management are not available.


The fixed parking amount appears on the display and is reduced by inserting coins. After the complete parking fee is paid, an output pulse is activated. To open a barrier, an external barrier control unit with loop detection is required.


Technical data

Robust and weather resistant stainless steel housing

Elegant design

Intuitive operation and fast processing

Display for payment information

Electronic coin selector 0,10 EUR to 2,- EUR and tokens

Lockable stainless steel box for coins

LED illumination for night operation

Encapsulated electronics

Optional RFID interface for payment with Beckmann RFID cards

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1300 x 260 x 275 mm

Optional height extension 400 mm, e.g. for trucks