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Cash system EMS-800 Rearload

The cash system EMS-800 Rearload is designed for „through the wall" installation and is ideal for harsh environmental conditions. The following variants are available:
- direct token sale after money insertion
- token sale after product selection




The robust EMS-800 Rearload is featured by an intuitive, user-friendly operation combined with a reliable money and token processing.


This machine is ideal, when coins, tokens and banknotes shall be accepted for payment. In addition, cashless micropayments can be transacted at the optional card terminal up to an amount of 25€. Up to three integrated coin hoppers guarantee a maximum of flexibility and reduce service expenditures. The internal cash stocks (hopper, cashbox and banknote cassette) are secured by additional locks against unauthorized access. A receipt can be printed for each payment process. The system is also equipped with a heating package, an internal alarm system and a LED-illuminated logofield. A contactless reader is installed in the stainless steel front, which automatically prints a cash report when an authorized service-card is inserted. By inserting the RFID master-card, the system can be configured with the display and the keys from the front side.

Technical data

Electronic coin selector 0,10 EUR to 2,- EUR and tokens

Banknote reader all directions (5€, 10€, 20€)

Up to 3 selectable coin dispenser with large capacity (e.g. 1 hopper = 1000 coins)

Thermal printer for receipts and cash reports

5,7‘‘ TFT-colour-display, 6 stainless steel buttons

Multicoloured LEDs with status indication

Comfortable parameter configuration via display

RFID-reader in front (cahs reports, programming modus)

Remote access via FTP possible

Heating package

Safe lock with a special locking mechanism

Separate lockable internal cash stocks

Door hinge left (viewed from behind)

Dimensions frontplate: 650 x 880 mm (WxH)

Dimensions housing: 546 x 776 x 350 mm (WxHxD)

Stainless steel frontplate: 4mm, housing-colour: Tiger P7


Banknote acception up to 50€

Creditcard-terminal for cashless payment with chip/NFC up to 25€ w/o pin (Micropayment) / Requirement: internet-connection must be provided

Statistics software EMS-DATA