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Cash system EMS-800


- Banknote exchanger

- Voucher dispenser

- Token and RFID card dispenser
- RFID card charger
- Cash system for controlled access




The robust and multifunctional EMS-800 is featured by an intuitive, user-friendly operation combined with a reliable banknote processing. The use of this machine is ideal, when coins, tokens and banknotes shall be accepted for payment. Up to three integrated coin hoppers guarantee a maximum period of time to refill to reduce service expenditures. Further, RFID-value cards can be bought, loaded and dispensed for a subsequent use as cashless payment and wear-free medium at BECKMANN components (e.g. RFID-Terminal, EMS-ENERGY etc.). With the use of RFID-value cards, discounts and promotions can be realized to strengthen customer loyalty. If the credit is expended, the RFID card can be recharged or returned at EMS-800. For the output of vouchers, receipts or cash reports, the EMS-800 can be equipped with an optional thermal printer. A security hologram strip on the voucher serves as copy protection in order to prevent abuse. The bright, high-contrast TFT color display and multicoloured LEDs support an intuitive operation and user guidance. Over and above that, the robust construction and the use of high quality components (e.g. stainless steel buttons) lead to a long product life, less service expenditure and very good weather resistance. An online data interface allows the analysis of sales data and status information with the optional software EMS-ENTRY COM. 

Technical data


Multicoloured LEDs with status indication 

Up to 6x robust stainless steel buttons 

Safe lock with a special locking mechanism 

Electronic coin selector 0,10 EUR to 2,- EUR and tokens 

Up to 3 selectable coin dispenser with large capacity (e.g. 1€ hopper = 600 coins) 

Banknote reader (all directions) 

Return and/or exchange of coins possible 

Comfortable parameter configuration via display or SD-card 

Optional RFID-value card dispenser 

Optional thermal printer 

Optional Beckmann RFID cards for special functions 

Optional pillar, outdoor package with heating 

Optional statistics software EMS-DATA 

Surface galvanized and powder coated 

Colours: housing: Tiger P7
stainless-steel front: Sparkling Silver New 

Dimensions (HxWxD): 750 x 440 x 350 mm