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Wall Terminal In- & Outdoor

This splash-proof RFID-Barcode-terminal is designed for on-wall mounting, making it ideal for harsh environmental conditions. The rugged housing, the capacitive touch buttons and the contactless RFID- technology ensure a wear-free operation. Likewise, the cash-free operation reduces the risk of break up and theft.




  • Access function (door opener), e.g. for controlled access to the parking garage
  • Billing function (link with barcode ticket), e.g. for the activation of E-Car charging stations  


The terminal is online-connected to the cash system EMS-4000 or serverbox. Barcode tickets that are issued at the entrance terminal as well as RFID special cards are processed.


Handling procedure

After providing a barcode ticket or RFID special card, the authorization is checked and the output relay is released. The RFID master card can be used to make adjustments to the terminal (e.g. time and price adjustments).

Technical data

Nonwearing contactless RFID technology

High-contrast graphic display (H x W): 38 x 65 mm

RGB-LEDs and acoustic feedback

4 capacitive touch-buttons beside the display

Ergonomic inclination for comfortable operation

Encapsulated housing for rough outdoor environment

Operating voltage 230V AC

Control of up to 2 devices with one RFID-terminal

Relay switching capacity 16A AC1 or potential-free, NC and NO contacts available

Potential-free input for backpulses of devices available

Transparent operating front (material PC-FR, impact resistant)

Graphite gray plastic housing (material PC-FR, impact resistant)

Wall bracket (material VA stainless steel, powdered RAL 7024)

Weight: 1,1 kg


Additional barcode-reader with tray table


Control of one device (1x output relay)

Control of two devices (2x output relay)