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Column Terminal Indoor

This indoor terminal can be used for controlled access to a specific area, e.g. as a door opener or in combination with turnstyles or gates. The integrated motor reader can process barcode and RFID-tickets. After the ticket is read, it can be returned or collected. 


By using the integrated piezo button,  group or club admissions can be realized with a single special ticket ticket . For wet areas a waterproof RFID terminal is available .



Technical data

Used as access or exit terminal

Motor reader with optional ticket collection

Piezo-button for special functions (e.g. group or club admissions)

Illuminated LCD-display, (W x H) 62 x 44 mm

Dimensions reader head: (H x W x D) 468 x 171 x 178 mm

Dimensions pillar: (H x W x D) 735 x 159 x 120 mm