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Coin machines EMS-5x/ EMS-8x

With the EMS-5x and EMS-8x series of coin machines, any services can be easily time-controlled by coin or token. The bright and clear display informs concerning the inserted coins or the remaining time. For the optional use in outdoor / wet area, we offer a robust stainless steel housing, encapsulated electronics and 24V AC SELV. While the EMS 5x represents the entry-level model for simple applications, the EMS-8x shows its strengths through several settings and flexible applications.





  • Extensive settings, comfortable adjustable via display
  • Integrated counters (cash counter, hour meter,...), accessible via display
  • Electronic coin selector: 0,10 EUR to 2,- EUR and tokens (EMS 82)
  • Application-specific versions (e.g. for washing machines, showers, toilet access, solarium, pulse counters, ...)
  • Powerful microprocessor
  • Modern SMD technology
  • Software updates via optional SD-card module possible 

EMS-5x EMS-8x Overview s