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Device control EMS-1040/EMS-1080

The system family EMS-1040 / EMS-1080 is developed for the central control of up to eight devices (in the HDR version of up to eight programs). The use of stainless steel, a robust construction and the use of high quality components lead to a long product life, less service expenditure and very good weather resistance. The individual status LEDs above each button clearly indicate with red and green colours, which devices are occupied or free. The large display shows the individual minimum amount of insertion (for each device / program different prices adjustable).



The system always consists of two components: 


  • Operating unit (for selection, payment, settings) 
  • Powerbox (including power supply, relay outputs)


The separate powerbox supplies the operating unit with low voltage - this ensures a simple and secure outdoor installation.



  • Central control for up to 8 showers
  • Central control for up to 8 vacuum cleaners
  • Central control for up to 8 washing machines
  • Program control for car washes (HDR version) 


EMS-1040 for up to 4 devices

EMS-1080 for up to 8 devices

EMS-1040 HDR for up to 4 programs

EMS-1080 HDR for up to 8 programs

Payment options

Electronic coin selector 0,10 EUR to 2,- EUR and tokens

Creditcard-terminal for cashless payment with chip/NFC up to 25€ w/o pin (Micropayment)


Technical data 

- Operating unit

Weatherproof stainless steel housing

Robust stainless steel buttons and multicoloured status LEDs

Electronic coin selector: 0,10 EUR to 2,- EUR and tokens

Access to cash and hour meters

OS on exchangeable controller chip

Supply voltage: supply with low voltage from separate powerbox

Dimensions (HxWxD): 300 x 320 x 155mm

Technical data

- Powerbox 

Supply voltage: 230VAC, 50 / 60Hz

Number of relay outputs (NO): 4x (EMS-1040) / 8x (EMS-1080)

Switching capacity per relay: 16A, 250VAC

Dimensions (HxWxD): 175 x 175 x 80mm (EMS-1040)

Dimensions (HxWxD): 180 x 250 x 65mm (EMS-1080)