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Disposal tower EMS-CLEAN


The innovative disposal tower allows an easy, ergonomic and clean emptying process
of cassette toilets. The use of stainless steel combined with a small footprint provide a modern and attractive design. Over and above that, the robust construction and the use of high quality components lead to a long product life, less service expenditure and very good weather resistance.





After inserting a coin or paying by RFID-card the available usage time is displayed. By opening the disposal flap, the countdown of the available time is activated and the cleaning process is started: During this time, the continuous flush and the exhaust fan facilitate the disposal process so that the cassette toilet can be emptied clean and simple. Afterwards, the cassette toilet can be flushed with water by positioning the spout unter the fauced and by pressing the flat foot switch near the ground. After finishing the disposal process the flap can be closed to reduce odors.


Technical data

Innovative drain construction with integrated flush 

Extra fauced with ergonomic foot switch activation

Automatic exhaust fan for odor reduction 

Robust and weather resistant stainless steel housing 

Intuitive operation 

Encapsulated electronics 

Info display for remaining time and parameters 

Electronic coin selector 0,10 EUR to 2,- EUR and / or tokens  

Optional RFID interface for on- and offline payment with Beckmann RFID cards 

Optional LED illumination for night operation 

Optional winter package 

Optional flush control for external bottom valve  

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1300 x 260 x 275 mm