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Staffed payment station

The staffed payment station was conceived as a supplement to the automated payment machine, but can also be used independently of an automated payment machine. This is particularly suitable for the sale of products that require intensive information, e.g. annual tickets or price-reduced special solutions and is used frequently in swimming clubs, sport clubs or schools, for example. In addition, items for sale or rent that the vending machine cannot dispense can be registered and issued at this station. The staffed payment station also offers an alternative payment option should visitors exceed their time, for instance.


This operation takes place via a 12" TFT touch screen; a keyboard is not required. The following components can be combined according to customer requirements:

  • automatic cash register drawer
  • bar code thermal printer in tower casing
  • chip card reader for season tickets/charge cards and staff cards
  • bar code hand scanner
  • client display
  • receipt printer

Functional scope

Simple intuitive operation

Ticket sale and ticket printing

Charge card sale and charge card output

Sale of items

Extra payment function