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Detergent Dispenser

Sale of washing powder and fabric softener

In addition to the dispensing drawer for detergent tabs, it is also possible to extend the EMS-4000 cash system with a dispenser for washing powder and fabric softener:


After the required product is paid at the cash system, the respective button is activated at the dispenser - pressing the green illuminated button starts the dispensing process of the detergent. After the time-controlled output has been completed, the green LED illuminated arrow indicates to withdraw the filled cup. In addition to the reusable plastic cups, disposable cups can also be placed under the dispensing openings.


The sensory monitoring of the liquid canister and powder silo ensures, that the detergent can only be selected if the filling level is sufficient. In addition to the robust system operation, the dispenser was designed for a simple filling and cleaning access: the large powder silo and the powder slide can be simply pulled out to the front via telescopic rails for maintenance.


The high-quality housing of the dispenser is equipped with a safe lock. With the same outer dimensions and colors, the EMS-4000 and the dispenser appear optically as a symmetrical unit. The installation of the detergent dispenser can also be carried out in a spatial distance from the cash system. The dispenser is supplied with a data and power cable from the cash system and can be mounted on the wall, in the wall or free standing by using the optional pillar.


Technical data

Capacity of powder silo: 45 liters

Capacity of canister: 10 liters

Multicoloured LEDs with status indication

Activation via vandal-proof buttons

Web-Interface for parameter settings via EMS-4000

Service buttons for testrun of motors

Supplied with 24V DC low voltage from EMS-4000

Encapsulated control electronics

Safe lock with a special locking mechanism

Color housing: Tiger P7

Color stainless-steel front: Sparkling Silver New

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1140 x 513 x 393 mm


Sensory monitoring of canister and powder silo

Illuminated roof-top