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History & philosophy

Beckmann GmbH is manufacturer of self-service cash systems and provides management solutions for national and international customers of the following sectors:


  • Parking (entry)
  • Swimming pool facilities, leisure and cultural activities, POIs (access)
  • Camping and motorhome sites (camping towers)
  • Cleaning (POS)
  • Sanitary (access)
  • Catering & services (POS)
  • Sun tanning salons (POS)

Innovation based on tradition

Founded in the 1950s, this family-owned company is now managed by Jürgen Beckmann, a graduate mechanical engineer. After joining the family business in 1979 Jürgen Beckmann began to develop and produce coin-operated machines. Whether for indoor tennis courts, laundromats or camping sites, Beckmann machines convinced clients and customers even in those early days because of their quality, precision and durability. Customized control systems for the solarium industry followed shortly afterwards.

The long-term experience with self-serviced cash systems was then systematically used to develop solutions for new business sectors - based on a technology platform concept, the product portfolio was gradually expanded to generate solutions for access-, entry-, parking- and camping systems. Approx. 20 employees are currently engaged in developing and producing components for both the hardware and software sectors. The expansion of the company in 2002 resulted in 1100 square metres of planning, construction and production space.


Michael Beckmann, a graduate industrial engineer, has been supporting the business in the area of marketing and distribution since April 2009. With the employment of Stefan Beckmann in autumn 2013, the management team has been completed - as an graduate mechatronics engineer and MBA, he is primarily active in the areas of project management and quality. This brings central advantages for our customers: short decision-making processes, high responsibility, long-standing tradition and our openness to new ideas in partnership with our customers. Our enthusiasm for the development of new solutions and the related possibility of integrating new technologies into our products has remained constant since our company was founded. 


Trust based on quality 

Based on the central location of our company in Germany, we are able to operate quick and close to the market. Thus we can respond quickly and innovatively by focussing on the individual requirements of our customers, while relying on proven technical concepts and our experience with self-serviced cash systems.


High quality is our priority - to achieve this goal, we rely on an integral approach:


  • Qualified and motivated team
  • Uncompromising development and production in Germany
  • Use of high quality materials and components
  • Efficient and effective quality processes
  • Extensive functional and environmental testing during pre-series, 100% electrical inspection and final testing


From coin-operated machines up to extensive automated payment systems - Beckmann GmbH delivers innovative technology with focus on quality and reliability to a global market.